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Is your house keeping up with the times? With the average life span of a home now greater than 35 years and technology’s rapid rate of progression, the answer is likely no. Today’s gadgets and appliances easily overload electrical systems in many of today’s older homes, causing issues that could easily be prevented with an upgraded electrical panel (switchboard)

Power Point

You need extra power point? Look no more, at Ocean Grove Electrician, Our price is fixed. no surprise fee.


Need more air conditioner? or anything else in the house? we can upgrade your switchboard.

Upgrade / repair

Upgrade or repair? power keep tripping off, Ocean Grove Electrician here to help.

Latest FAQ

Do you only do a big job?

We have more than 30 years of experience in this field, and no jobs are too big or too small. We’ve got you covered.

How much are your fees or how much do you charge?

Our fee is fixed, but for electrical jobs, it is tough to give you an exact quote without knowing the condition of the jobs. Talk to us and we will provide you with an accurate quote.

Can you do antenna installation

Yes, we do. Basically, we do anything with electrical, if you need something to do with electrical, we have you covered